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Gdl, Jalisco, 1993

I'm a graphic designer and collage artist residing in Mexico City. My canvas spans across various mediums, including the intricate realms of analog and digital collage, animation, video and sound. My work has been showcased in exhibitions in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.


Central to my creative narrative are the themes that underscore my compositions: the exploration of human elements, society, politics, femininity, and human connection. I've embarked on a journey of artistic restraint, challenging myself to distill my work into minimalistic compositions. These compositions often revolve around a single image, a pivotal nucleus that I meticulously extract and reconfigure, imbuing it with fresh, multifaceted meanings.

In essence, my art is a testament to the ever-evolving dialogue between subject and context, inviting viewers to explore the intricate layers of human existence and the interplay of ideas.

For any inquiries/projects email me:

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